The Duffy brand has been manufacturing shoes since 2004, and since then we’ve been working with methods to contribute to a good and sustainable climate. We’re constantly working to develop our sustainability policy and we are reviewing our work methods through the Code of Conduct tool. The Code of Conduct tool is used to regulate the working conditions at our factories as well as to minimize the amount of chemicals in the production of our products.

To control the use of the 15 most serious chemical substances we have developed our own RSL (Restricted Substance List). This list is properly followed when testing our shoe models, various components and materials.

We also properly follow the chemical legislation within the EU (REACH), the Swedish Chemicals Agency's (KemI) reports and a lot of other points in the environmental area that are regularly updated.

Our mother company, Theorema Scandinavia AB is a member of the network SSEI - Swedish Shoe Environmental Initiative ( Together with some external and accredited companies, we preform continuous visits to our producers in each of our manufacturing countries. Examples of these companies are AMFORI, TUV SUD and LWG. During these visits we perform social follow-ups regarding (above all) the work environment but also much else. Our goal is to make working in a factory that manufactures materials, components and shoes for the Duffy brand nice and fair.